Welcome to The Stardoll Insiders!

Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves. We're just getting on our feet so please bear with us while we work on our site. Please feel free to follow us to help us get the word around! We have been on Stardoll for almost 3 years now. But our main account was deleted so, that's why we've made a new account. We are excited to get started. Pretty soon we'll have a club up on Stardoll that everyone can join! Please, if you would like to give any suggestions or feedback of what you would like to see on here, email us at StardollInsidersStaff@yahoo.com Thanks so much for your help! We'll have a great site in no time!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready To Go!

Working all day, we finally have the site looking how we want it! Tell us what you think! We are now ready to accept ideas for competitions and various things that you might be interested in. Soon we'll come out with a set of rules for the competitions. We really appreciate everyone helping us get started. It's going to be fun, but we'll need your help.  

Just Getting Started!

Hey everyone and welcome to our new website! We are just getting on our feet and we need your help! Email us at StardollInsidersStaff@yahoo.com to give us feedback and suggestions! We will gladly take your ideas into account, and we thank you ahead of time for doing so. It's going to be fun getting to know all of our followers and we are excited to get feedback from you guys! We will always have a new poll every week for you to answer! If  you have any ideas for a poll let us know! Add us on Stardoll! Our username is MyTopStardoll.  Pretty soon when we have enough followers we'll start having contests for various things and we'll let you know ahead of time when and how long they will last. So tell your friends about us! We are looking forward to getting this party started! Again, any suggestions or feedback about contests, polls, general ideas, etc. email us! StardollInsidersStaff@yahoo.com Thanks! <3